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AC3 Beaded Bracelet by bahamut357 AC3 Beaded Bracelet :iconbahamut357:bahamut357 7 2 Day 5- bog by bahamut357 Day 5- bog :iconbahamut357:bahamut357 1 4 Day 3- Glaive Of The Mystic by bahamut357 Day 3- Glaive Of The Mystic :iconbahamut357:bahamut357 1 0 Day 2- I mustache you to die by bahamut357 Day 2- I mustache you to die :iconbahamut357:bahamut357 1 1 Day 1- Terra Rosewood by bahamut357 Day 1- Terra Rosewood :iconbahamut357:bahamut357 1 3
All I Ever Wanted Was You
“You don’t want the earring, you don’t get the earring.”
The words rang over and over in her head, for hours after Zevran had offered up the token as thanks for ending the pursuit of the Crows, at least for now.  Mahariel rejected the beautiful earring, after trying to drag out a confession of his feelings.  After months on the road, enjoying the company of each other, both in and out of the tent, her heart had yearned to hear what she was to him. She needed to know where they stood, as there was too much in the days to come that could change things, to end everything.
It wasn’t until the party retired to their rooms for the evening, that Mahariel’s mind had caught up with her hearts desires.
Of course he wouldn’t say it was a token of affection fool. Look at the life he’s had  to lead, the hand he’s been dealt. He’s even told you that the Crows frown on most, if not all, emotion that interferes with t
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Assignment2- sprites by bahamut357 Assignment2- sprites :iconbahamut357:bahamut357 0 0 Ex Cooper X Box art Assignment by bahamut357 Ex Cooper X Box art Assignment :iconbahamut357:bahamut357 0 0 HUD Concept by bahamut357 HUD Concept :iconbahamut357:bahamut357 0 0 Marcus the toking teen by bahamut357 Marcus the toking teen :iconbahamut357:bahamut357 1 0 Kaylie Lowell- sprite by bahamut357 Kaylie Lowell- sprite :iconbahamut357:bahamut357 0 0 Kaylie Lowell by bahamut357 Kaylie Lowell :iconbahamut357:bahamut357 0 0 Captain Frasier by bahamut357 Captain Frasier :iconbahamut357:bahamut357 1 0 Simon Oliver Brindley by bahamut357 Simon Oliver Brindley :iconbahamut357:bahamut357 0 0 Erica Fayne by bahamut357 Erica Fayne :iconbahamut357:bahamut357 0 0 Lewis Lane- Engineer by bahamut357 Lewis Lane- Engineer :iconbahamut357:bahamut357 0 0

Random Favourites

College Years Chpt. 11
“Is that anyway to speak to an old friend?” The boy smirked out, placing a hand on his hip. Deidara shuddered.
“An old friend indeed, Kabuto, un.” Deidara tugged on the handcuff, causing Sakura to stumble to her feet. Her back was slouched over, and her left hand was gripping onto her hair.
“Uhh…” Kabuto raised an eyebrow, pushing his glasses further up against his face.
“Is she ok?”
Deidara looked back at Sakura; somehow she didn’t look like herself. Deidara felt reminded of the time Sakura got drunk, except this was way worse. “It’s none of your concern Kabuto.” The blond sneered out, yanking on the handcuffs yet again and Sakura stumbled an inch closer to Deidara. “Just go and kill yourself already.”
“Oh? I would punch you, but attracting attention is really not in plans for today. Nor is getting arrested.” Kabuto drawled out, with every word Deidara’s fist clenched tighter.
“I don’t
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College Years chp. 10
“On the count of three, 1...2…3!” Hidan charged at their dorm room’s door.
“Such an idiot.”
“GAH!” Hidan stumbled back falling onto the ground as the door shook violently, but did not budge. “Pudding.”
“Would you stop staying that!” Kakuzu hissed quietly, standing over Hidan.
“Why the pudding not.”
“It sounds weird, it’s stupid, you’ve said it about, oh I don’t know 435 times in the past hour, and I will never be able to eat pudding again.”
“Like I care about you.” Hidan stood up rubbing the back of his neck. Standing beside him Kakuzu were Pein, Konan, Sasori, and Tobi. The rest were all sleeping in hallway.
“Let’s all just get some rest, we’ll ask the office in the morning, but right now it’s closed.” Pein said groggily, Konan and Sasori nodded in agreement.
The hallway was dark, except for a small light coming from the end used to light up the stairwell.
:iconbiomedic15:biomedic15 22 23
College Years chp. 9
“Pinkie let me in, un!” Deidara pounded away at the door as he stood in the hallway. As people passed by the screaming blond they made sure to keep as much distance away from him as possible. “GAH, let me in now!”
“No freaking way you pervert!” Sakura called out to Deidara. She was seated on the top bunk watching the dorm room’s door rattle. Beside her was a pair of torn open jeans that looked like they had been mutilated by scissors.
“Pinkie!” Deidara kicked the door in rage, and then allowed his body to slump to the ground; the blond rested his head on the wall.
“P-pretty girl we should let sempai in, he has been out there for over four hours now.” Tobi said quietly, trying to avoid Sakura’s rage.
“No, I want him to apologize.”
“B-but sempai did, three hours twenty-five minutes ago I’ve been counting...”
Sakura slowly turned her head in Tobi’s direction. “What was that?” Tobi stood the
:iconbiomedic15:biomedic15 26 14
College Years Chp. 8
Sakura floated back into consciousness, with the feeling of being oddly warm. Not wanting to wake up she snuggled under the covers, moving her body towards the warmth.
“Nnmm…” She squeezed her eyes shut trying to guard her eyes from the light that was beginning to seep through.
“Why are they…”
The pink haired girl crunched her face; the noises seemed to be in whispering. Trying to block out the noises she moved her body further into the warmth.
“Leave the brats alone…”
“But Hidan got to take a picture!”
Sakura snapped her eyes open, the yell hitting her like a ton of bricks. When she woke up, she found herself staring up close into a pair of eyes. Eyes that had the exact same expression as she had.
“What the hell, un!?!” Sakura tried to pull away, but found the blonde’s arm wrapped around her waist. Deidara snapped his arms back to his side, feeling his face turn a reddish tint.
:iconbiomedic15:biomedic15 23 11
College Years Chp. 7
Deidara rolled back in forth in the bed. Tossing and turning until he simply sat up in the bed, a disgruntled look on his face. His blonde hair was tangled mess. “I can’t sleep in the stupid jeans, un.” Deidara was still wearing the Akatsuki cloak to cover up the fact that they were still stuck. His hands were tugging on the jeans belt loops.
Above him Sakura was sleeping soundly. Deidara figured that she was tired after he had spent most of the night arguing with her. Sitting there he heard silence, no noises, nothing.
“SEMPAI, SEMPAI, LET US IN!” Deidara was so startled by the yelling he fell out of the bed, banging his head as he fell.
“Tobi?!” Deidara rushed to the door, as the banging and yelling continued. “Why the hell is he here, un?” The blonde hoped Sakura would stay asleep, and to his luck she did.
He flung the door open, yet what he saw was something he wasn’t expecting. Everyone in the Akatsuki including Zetsu and Konan wer
:iconbiomedic15:biomedic15 18 7
College Years chp. 6
Pein had decided to throw the party in the vacant Franklin Hall, a two story building that had been deserted on the campus for a few years. The building was packed; all two floors were jammed with people. Loud rap music blared echoing off the barren walls. Strobe lights were flashing in all directions, causing Deidara to shield his eyes for a moment. He pushed his way through the crowd, making his way over to Kisame, Kakuzu, and Tobi, who were standing by the stereo. They all stared at him, as he stood their like an idiot.
“Hey I’m going to go back to the dorm and see if Pinkie is ok, un.” Kakuzu blinked, now was the time to think fast, very fast. Kakuzu knew that they had to stall Deidara so that Sakura would arrive. Deidara shrugged at the no response and turned around. He began to walk away, but felt a hand grasp onto his wrist.
“Eh, Kakuzu mind letting go, un?” Deidara said trying to tug his cloak out of Kakuzu’s grasp.
He had put on his Akatsuki cloak
:iconbiomedic15:biomedic15 23 8
College years chp. 5
“Will Deidara-sempai please buy Tobi some popcorn?” Tobi asked looking at his sempai.
“No, for the hundredth time NO, ask Kakuzu, un! Deidara growled, clearly angered by the constant asking of that one question.
“Don’t even ask.” Kakuzu spat turning back to Hidan, who was still rambling about the whole ants for a sacrifice thing. Tobi felt his shoulders slump in defeat, but then he spotted the person who he knew he would have to go to if he wanted popcorn. His last resort was evil itself. Itachi.
Tobi ran over to the Uchiha who was leaning against the wall, with an expressionless face.
Itachi was growing impatient at being forced to wait outside in the lobby until the theater opened. The Uchiha blamed Kakuzu, who just had to get to the theater two hours early to try to hack into the arcade machines. Itachi recalled the last time they had been to the theater, Kakuzu had stolen all of the money from one of the games, and he had made off with a grand total of
:iconbiomedic15:biomedic15 20 9
College Years chp. 4
“Ok Sakura-chan we are leaving now.” Naruto said, getting into the car. Neji ran over and hugged Sakura before following behind Naruto.
Sasuke walked over to Sakura before whispering something, “Be careful around them, I don’t like this whole gang thing.” Before Sakura could answer Sasuke was already in the car yelling at Naruto to get in the backseat. There was no way Sasuke was letting Naruto drive.  Sakura giggled as Naruto was forced into the backseat with an unhappy look on his face.  Waving by they drove off, Sakura sighed and turned back around, and she closed her eyes and looked up.
“This had got to be the most stressful day ever.” She sighed to herself, pulled back to the real world she felt herself collide with another body sending her falling to the ground.
“Watch where you’re going.”  Sakura looked up and saw a man wearing the Akatsuki cloak; he had black hair pulled back in a ponytail, and dark
:iconbiomedic15:biomedic15 18 4
College Years chp. 3
“Eh, Sasori no Danna why are you here, un?” The red head stepped inside passing by a confused Deidara, “You really should ask to come in, un.” Deidara lazily said as he shut the door. “Some people would consider it to be ru-”
“Is this the girl Tobi hit with a basketball?” Sasori asked standing over Sakura.
“Let me guess Tobi told you, un?” Deidara sighed, that idiot was never able to keep his mouth shut. Sasori nodded and turned back to Deidara.
“He also told everyone else except leader, I think he was going to tell him right about now.” Sasori said monotone. Deidara froze, that idiot was going to tell the leader.
“Sasori watch Sakura, un!” Deidara not even waiting for an answer bounded out the door. Sasori smirked, truthfully Tobi hadn’t even said anything, and it just so happened Sasori had over heard the blond yelling at Tobi. But it was always fun to mess with Deidara.
He made his way over to the wooden chai
:iconbiomedic15:biomedic15 17 4
College Years chp. 2
Stumbling through the hall, and receiving some nasty glares from the people she shoved out of the way, Sakura had finally made it outside. Looking around it looked exactly like how it did when she first arrived.
The students were outside and there was a table to receive your schedules. She walked over and got in the line, the wait Sakura estimated would take a few hours. The pink haired girl sighed this was going to be a while.
Her gaze peered over at the main building that she had just exited from. The entire building was painted white, but it had such a pristine look to it in Sakura’s opinion, lost in thought a man with the same cloak Deidara was wearing walked up behind her.
“This is my chance; I’ve got to know whats with the cloaks.” Sakura mulled over this thought, hey she was already hated by most people because of her actions earlier, whats one more person.
“Hey whats with the cloaks?” She asked, turning around to face the guy. Many gasped erupted f
:iconbiomedic15:biomedic15 18 2
College Years
Haruno, Sakura stood in the doorway of her room, taking in every last inch. This was going to be the first time she had ever left home; her mind was panicking, telling her she wasn’t ready. “Sakura, hurry up you doesn’t want to be late!” The girl looked out of her room to see her Mom motioning her to come down, from the bottom of the stairs.
“I’ll be down in a minute, just wanted to think.” Sakura called down.
“That’s fine just don’t be to long everyone’s here to say goodbye.” Her mother walked back outside. It was true Sakura had lived in this small town all her life, she didn’t have any siblings, but she had friends. The list of all of the friends she was leaving behind scrolled through her mind, there was Sasuke, Naruto, Ino, Hinata, Kiba, Shino, Temari, Lee, and so many others.
“I don’t know if I want to leave…” she muttered to herself.
Grabbing her backpack she slung it over her shoulder, and taki
:iconbiomedic15:biomedic15 31 6
Riku - Against the Wall by NanjoKoji Riku - Against the Wall :iconnanjokoji:NanjoKoji 385 54 Shiro for Saishuu-hinoiri by Toushiro-Hitsugaya Shiro for Saishuu-hinoiri :icontoushiro-hitsugaya:Toushiro-Hitsugaya 57 2


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alrighty, im tired as hell and cant think of what else to put in my that meanz....time to procrastinate!!!
yeah, i'm a bad student, shoot me.

anywhozits, i have a bunch of stuff to post its just a matter of finding the time to do it. ^^;
i have some dragon age 2 stuff to post and a new Oc of mine. i quite like the look of her :D

Oh yea, got an amazing week coming up! video games live concert later today and 30 seconds to mars on thursday!!! some one pass the awesome sauce plz :D

so i know this is really late, but i must rant 'bout Dragon age 2. T'WAS EPIC! i loved the graphics, for the most part. i got it the day it came out and thank god march break had been right after the release. i managed to finish the game 3 times over the break and am now 3/4 through my 4th playthrough and starting my 5th.

i know im a little nuts, but so far i havent passed the number of playthroughs for origins yet (7 or 8 times)

i very much liked the story, though i was sad that it was realativly short...>.< also liked many of the party members, <3 Fenris being my fave <3. also  liked how the redid the mages. they're a lot more kick ass this time round. moves them up a spot on my preferred class list (rouge, mage, warrior[warriors just dont do enough damage fast enough for me -_-]) Loved the fact that Hawke was fully voiced and had expressions. much better then the blank stare of the Warden...XD

though i didnt mind the new elf character models, i was very angry when i saw Zevran in his cameo. At first, i laughed like crazy, until i realized i wasnt seeing things. then i was dissappointed. i want my origins zevy back *pouts*

also, didnt really care for the  reuse of maps. kinda irritating to finish one quest, start another only to end up in the same cave as before. What happened Bioware? run out of ideas for maps!? come on! you had different maps for everything in DAO!!! >:(

Also, wasnt the biggest fan on how the male Hawke default turned out. he looked so much older then he did in the trailer D: i realize the graphic style was different, but come on! he looked like 5-6 years older in the game then the trailer! BOO!

Anyway, just thought i'd update since its been a long time.

hopefully i'll post some stuff this week...(yeah right, who am i kidding?)



Game/Anime Characters FTW!!!
:bulletpink: Fenris <3
:bulletblue: Zack Fair
:bulletgreen: Zevran (Origins version)(DA2 Zev was horrid >.<)
:bulletyellow: Varric
:bulletorange: Alistair
:bulletwhite: Altaïr
:bulletblack: Ezio
:bulletred: Dante

Omg gibari and Deidara have been bumped from the list....didnt think that would happen....thnx Bioware for the new eyecandy :D

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